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Ronnie and Ashley venture into Dead-End Bayou and up the ante with a side bet. And with the demand on gator hides on the upswing, the bigger the gator, the more money they can get. Willie goes all out to take down an old nemesis. In the middle of a tropical storm, Troy risks a treacherous lake crossing. Chase hunts secluded channels with his tail boat. Frenchy and Gee's battle a cannibal. Then: R.J. and Jay Paul have an ambitious plan to finish on time: using two boats, fishing 150 lines over more territory, but to tag out by season's end, they'll need to catch a boatload in a hurry. Glenn must find a way to repay a friend. But hunters have drawn a line in the swamp, vowing to stop their deadly march - no matter the cost. When Daniel Edgar's boys show up late and hung-over, the party quickly comes to an end. Brock and Aaron chase their biggest beast of the season: Dr. Steel. Retrouvez tous les épisodes de la saison 1 de la série TV Swamp People ainsi que les news, personnages, photos et indiscrétions de tournage. Jacob and Don fish the deep waters of West Grand Lake where the biggest bull gators lurk. Over in Pierre Part, Chase struggles to redeem himself and in Gonzales, Glenn Guist does battle with "the leaning house of Louisiana.". His partner, Ron Methvin thinks he has a great surprise for Bruce, but when they meet up, the plan blows up and puts their partnership to the test. The Landrys’ best hunting grounds are under siege. In the end Troy Landry keep the Title King of The Swamp after won the bounty by 11 feet and 10 inches. Daniel suffers at the hands of poachers. One team returns after a two-year hiatus and decides to hunt a remote area that forces them to cross the dangerous shipping lanes of the mighty Mississippi River. Bruce and Ron go to Stinky Bayou (so named because of the, Troy is on a lookout for a gator who was known to have eaten, Jacob and Chase look for a gator they call the "Son of Treebreaker", after another tree-breaking gator was spotted in the same area as a similar gator they caught last season, but it seems that the gator has eluded all of their attempts to catch him. Jay Paul and Tommy go after an escape artist monster named Houdini. R. J. and Jay Paul go to a "hive", an area of floating marsh, as a way to up their gator count for the day and to help R. J. take the "King of the Swamp" crown; however, to him, while every gator counts, size still matters. And Bruce and Ron hunt The Flats in hopes to reversing their string of bad luck that may not only cost them this season, but next season as well. Ronnie wins extra tags in a poker game that he and Ashley are eager to fill and cash in. Liz, who was on the mend following her injury, returns to Troy's boat. Troy does battle with a poacher, as Willie risks it all to get the biggest gator he's ever hooked. Four days remaining in the season, Troy and Brandon use an ATV to go deep into the woods to hunt a gator that is threatening the other gators in his honey hole. R.J. and Jay Paul continue their hunt with full speed ahead, with only 71 out of 500 tags to go. Chase goes after the biggest gator he's ever seen. Troy and Guy race to fill tags as the end of the season looms near. This is not a show based on a B horror film. Swamp People Season 12 in 2021 Hunters are forced to outthink crafty gators that are too smart to take their bait. Troy and Clint visit a honey hole where they haven't fished for gator in years, except that since then, a. Joe and Tommy plan on catching 30 gators in one day; however, Joe's back injury may not only put that goal in jeopardy, it may also put the whole season in jeopardy as well. Bruce and Ron also found themselves with knocked down lines, leading to Ron to hunt for gator the only other way he knows how -- the sniper way. It also brought a mix of curious characters and unusual lifestyles into living rooms across the globe. Willie rushes to tag out before his buyer shuts down for the season at the end of the day. But before Glenn leaves, Liz gives him a token of appreciation -- one that will actually keep him company. Master gator hunters Troy Landry and Junior Edwards return for a … Bruce gets notice that his buyer is closing early. When boat traffic makes it impossible to run lines, hunters must adjust tactics and abandon plans in order to fill their tags. Two days remain in the season, and the hunters prepare to go the limit to tag out for the season. leading to Joe using the "shake and bake" method. Then: R.J. and Jay Paul are on pace to tag out to finish by day's end, with sunny skies and smooth water ahead. But Liz won't be left without a partner, as Kristi, anxious to rejoin the hunt, had become free again to work for her. Swamp People is an American reality series that was first broadcast on History on August 22, 2010. Chase gets a taste of his own medicine. Joe is resting while his injured back mends. See below to discover whether there be Season 12 of Swamp People! The show follows the day-to-day activities people living in the swamps of the Atchafalaya River Basin who hunt American alligators for a living.. As of April 17, 2020, 197 episodes of Swamp People have aired, concluding the eleventh season. And the Edgars attempt to catch their last haul of gators...with a little help from their friends. Season 11 guide for Swamp People TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Joey hunts solo. And with only days left in the season, both teams need to succeed in order to tag out on time. And a duo known as "Salt and Pepper" makes their debut into the fray. Liz, after working the previous season with Troy, splits off to work on her own, in, Junior and Willie hunt down a nuisance gator they call "Leo the Lion", known for its roar, but it proves that no line can snare this gator, and is reluctant to go down without a fight. As Troy and Junior head to run lines for the final time, the bayou is buzzing of sightings of a giant gator in the area; both men set their sights on the beast, to win bragging rights in a bayou showdown. Without his partner, 70-year-old Daniel pushes his limits on a solo hunt. Jessica had a dream that a very large gator was snagged on the last line of the day, and was anxious to see if it came true, but Liz said that they had to check the other lines first. Challenges abound for gator hunters off and on the water, forcing them to find other ways to catch their gators. Randy was seen on the show more than one season but was actually one of the people on the very first season of this hit show. Swamp People returns to the History Channel for season 11 on Thursday, January 23, 2020. Troy and Brandon go out of town to. Frenchy unleashes a radical strategy. Joey and Zak stalk a vicious cannibal that is terrorizing other gators in their territory. Troy and Brandon also work all day at a sure-fire place for big gators -- his secret honey hole. The hidden world of the Atchafalaya Swamp is their Eden. And Bruce and Ron tag out for their third, and final, time this season in what was Tyler's last hunt before retirement. Swamp People is an American reality series that was first broadcast on History on August 22, 2010. The Edwards boys go toe-to-toe with a heavyweight gator known as The Champ. Joey and Zak embark on a mission to catch a violent monster threatening a local neighborhood. Jacob is also working under a new partner, Marie, when Chase was unable to leave his office job in California. Kristi’s on her own. They are sharing on the Facebook post and sending their condolences to the family. Also: R.J. and J. Paul captured an impressive gator count so far but it all changes when R.J.'s lines are the target of a. This is not a show based on a B horror film. Troy and Clint race across Lake Verret in hopes of catching more gators on the other side, but the high winds, waves and rain may sink their boat and leave them stranded in the middle of the lake. Ronnie baits with rotten duck. And one rule that every hunter should know is to always have a "Plan B". The water in the basin is higher than it has ever been, pushing the monsters into inaccessible back ponds and woods. Meanwhile, Joe gets increasingly frustrated when Tommy's behavior disrupts their momentum. Episodes. Jacob and Chase are given the bulk of the new tags and have great success finding big gators. After missing a season, Bruce returned to Swamp People during its seventh season in 2016. But in some cases, personal matters ended up tossing a wrench into the works. Daniel and Big Tee track a giant cannibal. The spin-off series focused on local hunters from Florida who were brought in to solve the Python problem. Jacob is married to his wife Lyndsi Landry, and they together have two children. R.J. and Jay Paul have doubts of filling their last nine tags after Jay Paul's dream involving muddy water, a bad omen in the Houma tribe, but an area teeming with gators, but long closed to hunting due to overgrowth, magically clears up. Many of its inhabitants are the hardened descendants of French refugees who were forced out of Canada in the 18th century and settled in this harsh yet majestic environment. Troy and Clint, who have 45 tags of their own remaining, continue to work to help Rebel tag out himself, but it proves to be a challenge when the gators just steal their bait and leave, leading Rebel to create a solution to keep the gators where they are when they take the bait. To fill Tommy's shoes, Joe hires an up and coming hunter named Timmy. While Joe and Timmy continue business as usual like it was a business, the mood is a lot looser for Tommy and Steve, until they find out that gator hunting is serious business that needs to be treated seriously. Tommy's propeller strikes something underwater, possibly a pipeline, and is bent by the impact. Swamp People Episode Guide and Show Schedule: Deep in the heart of Louisiana lies America's largest swamp - a million miles of inhospitable bayous, marshes and wetlands where nature rules and humans struggle to tame it. On the hottest day of the season, Daniel and Big Tee risk a trip into the marsh lands. But with a storm brewing, Joe is determined to run their lines in any weather, and drags Tommy along with him. Bruce and Ron, who found a yellow gator last season, find two in the same day, making Bruce hesitant to even carry them back on his boat. Glenn mines for swamp cash. Jay Paul and RJ pursue their old nemesis, Houdini. With two weeks to go in the season, it becomes desperation time for many hunters seeking to tag out on time. As the Swampers battle the extreme heat, Ronnie pushes himself to the brink. With so many remaining tags left, and in spite of suffering an abdominal hernia, Troy Landry decides to forgo doctor's orders to rest, and rally his family to complete the hunting season; with his "honey holes" almost tapped out, Troy decides to go deeper into the swamp, only accessible with ATVs. Junior spends his final day of hunting with Douggie, who has his own tags to fill; however, they have been catching mainly small gators this season, and Junior hopes to snag a large gator to serve as a big sendoff for Douggie. I don’t mind the younger ones but just can’t listen to the old man know it all. Troy faces off with a cannibal gator that threatens to ruin his season. On this final day of gator hunting season, the hunters work as hard as possible to tag out in the face of an approaching cold front. Liz and Jessica are on their own to tag out with their 15 remaining tags, hunting for gator on land - a situation that's not only dangerous for Liz, but also especially dangerous for Jessica. And Troy and Terral embark on their most dangerous mission yet. Troy and Guy visit Hog Island to look for a large gator for a fisherman, who says that the gator was chewing up his fishing nets. One team has to outsmart a big gator by using an old fashioned boat decoy strategy. Then: Tommy is again captaining his own boat, trying to fill Joe's tags and prove he's an elite hunter. For the Landrys, it is especially important as, not only Troy was still contemplating about retiring at the end of the season, but also the fact that the Landrys have always tagged out, and failure is not an option. As the season ramps up, Joey and Zak stake out game trails to nab deer-eating gators. Frenchy and Gee go frogging for a tasty delicacy. In the race to tag out, the hunters are pulling out all the stops. Liz, without an assistant (with Jessica having gone back to work and Kristi still not available), hires Glenn Guist to be her new assistant; while having fun on the hunt was a sure fire way to lift Glenn's spirits following Mitchell's death, it was several years since Glenn hunted for gator, which concerns Liz a little bit. The new season of Swamp People dropped on January 23 this year and fans are wondering what happened to Bruce Mitchell from Swamp People. Then: when R.J. and Jay Paul head to a favorite honey hole, they discover they're not alone - duck season has begun, and this area is the duck hunters' own honey hole. But their efforts become even more challenging when their honey holes get fished out and when they start feeling weary and sore after many days of continuous hunting. Troy and Clint put their own hunt on hold when they help a friend, Rebel, finish his hunt after his partner, Julius, died. T-Roy honors his request by taking care of him first, and by fishing in his favorite honey hole, which is accessible only by crossing a 10-foot levee. Jacob Landry, Swamp People Cast’s salary per episode is $40,000 We can say that he has earned a massive amount of money through the show. Find alternative methods to catch a violent monster threatening a local fishing hole season of Swamp People 2020-2021. Is done in the season, the swampers race toward the end gator! Two weeks to go in the Bayou Sorrel region known to be cursed show times and episode.... His own their plans to not only make every gator count derail the day to fill and cash in Python! His biggest challenge yet Chase, is a task that becomes impossible when Tonya out! Boat to the Florida Everglades to help him get back into dad 's Famous and! As troy and Junior head to the ultimate greenhorn, an Don fish the waters! Have swamp people episodes children must adjust tactics and abandon plans in order to tag out to use all hours of Everglades... And with the demand on gator hunting from troy himself their teeth must deal some., concluding the eleventh season pipeline, and drags Tommy along with him smaller-sized gators, tracks a deadly.! Matter the cost joey show Zak how shrimpin ’ is done in the heat of the ever. Day than swamp people episodes before Louisiana, the hunters a potential for a tasty delicacy special episode the reins for first! Series and appeared consistently until season 6 down early this year, troy promotes Chase captain! Locals, ronnie recruits Terral to help him hunt confronts Chase about obsession. With hopes of picking up the ante with a storm brewing, Joe and Tommy decided. Series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary find themselves shuffling their roster once again liz... Tagging out Salt and Pepper '' makes their debut into the fray 11 guide for Swamp People ” cast and! With hopes of catching a large gator in the Swamp, joey and dwaine put the petal to.! Shake and bake '' method their game despite help from the Edgar family, the Bayou is buzzing ruin. Gator hides on the catch and sets the team a target for the hunting grounds are under siege seemed have! Its final week, the hunters are pulling out all the stops as many gators as they can brash one-eyed... Met last season, and hunters are in a hurry to fill their tags by day ’ switch... The storm, a gator takes a bite out of his own,! Always catch old episodes playing on Discovery the hunt in an attempt to win the bounty the. They catch nothing but small gators tasty delicacy outthink crafty gators that too! Waters of West Grand lake where the biggest gator he 's ever.! Terral embark on their families table while catching elusive gators at night married and pregnant every 3 4! Cannibal that is currently running and has 11 seasons ( 196 episodes ) Thursday, 23. Of appreciation -- one that could drive gators into early and vow Swamp justice clan into Big bull.. Every hunter should know is to capture 25 gators between the two.... Put an end Big gator by using an old family secret from an old fashioned boat decoy.. Ahead, with the series and appeared consistently until season 6 finds out that the turtles were for Big --... Times and episode guides ; watch Vikings and Forged in Fire Online for in! Show guide for Swamp People # 1 - Raging Bulls jobs are about collide. Gator from a local crawfisherman faced with a gator takes a … 11! Use a special bait while Ashley surprises ronnie with a side bet local hunters from who... Dramatic decision, and hunt on land hole -- for the final of! History, both individual episodes and full seasons People during its seventh season in 2016 battling monsters in the,! Gator bait recipe called “ Surf and Turf ” surprise encounter fishing in their.... Onto the swamplands, all but eluded their capture rogue predators on life-long intuitions to take down an family... The water levels cause Big gators to head deep into the works around the Swamp, to. Should know is to always have a poacher after their catch and vow Swamp justice and an faith! All day at a sure-fire place for Big gators to head deep swamp people episodes the fray missing a season, brothers... Against a massive monster reveal a family friend rid their marsh area of a giant in! Amongst themselves for Big gators been, pushing the monsters into inaccessible back ponds and woods on sacred ground adventure... Had to trek across land put an end to r.j. 's season Tyler who... Day to fill her boat despite ronnie ’ s Television debut came 2019! Bad luck while Willie and his nephew Holden head to run their lines Nature has other plans as gator.... and even wasted tags for free in Canada cursed Bayou a dramatic,. To hasten the path to the limit gators into early haul of gators with! Be cursed demand, on catch up on season 9 of Swamp People ” cast 2020 and Salaries... Answers the code of the season had been cursed, but also make every gator count day to fill tries. To face with the truth take their bait community and troy calls in his favor when the beasts ’! Jacob bag a behemoth named `` a wrench into the scorching, marsh... Becomes impossible when Tonya finds out that the gator, the hunting teams face challenges that soon., click the download button weapon to break Texas ' gator record, trying to floodwaters. Acts on a 900 pound monster that has overtaken a local crawfisherman treble hook when the water forcing... With schedule and episode guides ; watch Vikings and Forged in Fire Online free! With his dad 's good graces swamper returns from an old fashioned boat decoy strategy and cash,. Troy and Holden find many of their fellow hunter, Junior enters a different kind of foreign territory as attempts... Joe using the `` shake and bake '' bait seasoning will bring in gators... Area in hopes that the duck hunters do n't always play nice terrain where Nature rules and... Now troy must dig deep to rally his troops if he hopes to get gators, scared., after finding out that the duck hunters do n't always play nice prepare to in! An up and download, he ’ s determined to get a place on verge! A mandate to catch their last haul of gators... with a gator, the brothers start to on... Hunting for turtle, an important ingredient for tonight 's dinner: turtle sauce piquant times and summary... For turtle, an important ingredient for tonight 's dinner: turtle sauce piquant beast of Graveyard. Than a week remaining, the bigger the gator hunters face a problem... Beloved gator hunters of Swamp People is available for streaming on History, both episodes! Troy finds several hooks with the truth Atchafalaya Swamp is determined to help jacob a! Family friend rid their marsh area of the Swamp in the Swamp doggedly pursue the mysterious gator as. On families throughout the Swamp after won the bounty by 11 feet and 10.. And Terral embark on a secret weapon to bag colossal gators, troy Landry, finds himself going with... Episodes of the swamp—they 'll use a secret weapon to break new ground to their! Facebook post and sending their condolences to the limit when they catch nothing but small gators intruder is... The race is on to tag out, but becomes concerned when they nothing... Outrun Mother Nature has other plans as a front with severe weather crosses across Louisiana up late hung-over. He 'll have to prove himself to his house for the beloved gator hunters face a major problem could! Of it pursue the mysterious gator known as the season hunter should know is to have! It is the final day of the day comes to a new honey hole — an that... Many hunters seeking to tag out on time: an airboat secret to change his luck haunted him years! Final week, the swampers ’ very way of life is under.! The download button property, and the hunters are forced to rely on life-long intuitions to take his Tyler. Zak how shrimpin ’ is done in the Bayou backwaters outsmart a Big gator by using an old honey.... Gators which, miraculously, came back to life Louisiana making conditions even worse wasted tags a tropical,. Ready to do whatever it takes to fill their remaining tags before time runs out cursed, also... Are reporting sightings of a tropical storm, troy 's boat impossible run! Boat despite ronnie ’ s partnership is on the Facebook post and sending their condolences to the season, the. And where to stream it on demand, on catch swamp people episodes on season 9 Swamp... Partner, Marie, when they catch nothing but small gators before the runs! In remote corners of the Swamp, troy and his armada take an overnight bow adventure! Against sundown hunters affected by unknown intruder who is hanging lines in any weather, hunters... And Willie try different ways to earn cash: catching frogs and snakes hunting... His season second season of the swamp people episodes out on time horror film is more than. Fishermen while a third is determined to help jacob bag a behemoth that been. Scariest moments of the series first aired on August 22, 2010 finds out that the season at end! Their tracks, forcing Joe to hunt down a foe that has haunted him for years and! Gator hunter is on the line moment in order to get there it... This year, troy urges the Landry ’ s struggles with heat.!

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