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from a 24 inch barrel. I seriously considered having one built, but couldn't justify it, in between my 243 and 7mm-08, so ultimately didn't do it. I realize this is a bold statement, so I will analyze several commercial loads to support it. Caution: Contains a kill shot on a deer. Just wanted to know some other experiences with this, thanks. To the degree this is true we credit the little rimmed cartridge’s mild muzzle velocity. While there is overlap, there are areas where one cartridge is going to be better suited than the other. (KPS = 15.0), Effective Killing Range (EKR) = 205 yds. The .243 is actually just a necked down .308, but .308 ammo is more common and comes in a much wider variety of bullet weights and styles. Register Log In Home Forums Deer Hunting deer with a .243 vs. 30-06: Forums User List Calendar Active Threads Forum Help: Previous Thread: Next Thread : … This falls well short of both the +/- 3 inch MPBR (280 yards) and zero distance (240 yards) of the load. 243 will shoot a little bit flatter, but the 308 is the better all around round (imo). The .243 Winchester: Its Capabilities as a Deer Cartridge. Whenever any of these variables change, the KPS number changes proportionally. The Conclusion mirrors my family's experience with the .243 on deer. In the data summary below, the first line specifies the brand of cartridge, bullet weight and type, muzzle velocity (f.p.s) from a 22-inch barrel, muzzle energy (ft. Seem's tome it would cause to much expansion to quick. lbs.) Second Media Corp., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. The main limitation being the .243 bore size restricts the maximum weight of hunting bullets to about 105 grains. We shoot 95 grain Hornady SST in factory superformance ammo. (Chuck Hawks, originator of the G&S Online Rifle Cartridge Killing Power Formula, used the somewhat more liberal score of 12.5 as the practical minimum for hunting Class 2 game. I had a couple of .22-250s, but after moving to a windy area where there were quite a few coyotes, decided to rebarrel my Rem 700 to .243 Win and have since bought another .243 Win in a Tikka T3. I know the .243 kills deer, but do they normally run farther when hit with a .243 vs. a larger caliber? Something else enlightening is retained energy downrange. I call the output variable of this formula KPS (for Killing Power Score). 243 vs 7mm-08 vs 308 Ballistics. (I adjusted this to a more normal 22 inch barrel length for a .243 hunting rifle. Its all about shot placement so if you are paitient and diligent it will do fine. for 100 grain bullets. The resulting MPBR (280 yards in this case) gives me an unambiguous measure of the practical range of the load. As pointed out, a .243 can work on a decent size bear, but it wouldn't be my choice. IMO the 243 is a nice round, Got it for my kids to hunt deer and then I got rid of it I think max bullet weight was 90 gr. A 55-grain or 75-grain Nosler Ballistic Tip or Hornady V-Max bullet would do great work against varmints while a 100-grain Sierra Game King could take down any whitetail in North America. (22 inch bbl.) It is a larger diameter bullet, with offerings in everything from 55gr to 105gr bullets. However, this rifle caliber doesn't just stop there. Teach her to shoot small targets and get a good bullet in the 243 and don't be afraid to look back. So as for those two options, I would recommend the .243. Swft Scirocco II, MV 3120 f.p.s. Copyright 2017 by Gary Zinn and/or chuckhawks.com. The speed and power of the .308 make … For a cartridge comparison such as the .243 vs .308, potential users want to see which has a flatter trajectory, meaning it shows less bullet drop. JavaScript is disabled. In other words, its effectiveness is limited by its remaining killing power, not its MPBR. After that, the 260 started to catch on, sorta. I've taken deer and elk with it, and the occasional cayote. It's amazing to me someone will recommend the 7mm mauser for elk/moose and not a 243 for deer. Depending on barrel length, give it 2,200 to 2,300 fps with a 170-grain slug, about 2,300 to 2,450 fps with a 150-grain. Art … Now don't get me wrong some can handle recoil fine but many have to much gun for there shooting experience. In the HITS system, a score of 500 - 900 means the load is suitable for Class 2 game (50 - 300 pounds) at 100 yards. / ME 2060 ft. lbs. The .243 Winchester cartridge, introduced in 1955, is very popular. At 150 yards the 95-grain .243 bullet is hauling 522 f-p more energy than the much heavier 30-30 slug. I know a couple of guys who quit shooting a 243 because of losing a few deer. ), .243 Win: Federal 100 gr. The KPS formula makes a lot of sense to me. Most deer are DRT and the furthest any have travelled was 25 yards. Both of my son's and my wife have taken a pile of deer with theirs. The 243 Win. The downrange data is needed to do hunting capability index calculations. that said ive never lost one. "Celebrities walk on the red carpet because they're famous, I walk on toilet paper because I'm the ****....". And the latest cartridge to push this 6mm bullet does the job quite well. However, the .243 Winchester has limitations when used to hunt deer and other Class 2 game. For a long time, all the knowledge I had on these rounds was theoretical. This was 1346 ft. lbs. They just like the 25-06, 257 wby can leave deer shot with them trailing a hard to follow blood trail. That being said, the only reason I would consider adding one to my arsenal would be as a youth model hunting rifle for childern. Recoil energy is low, about 10 ft. lbs. (22 inch bbl.) In addition, realize that the effective killing ranges of even the strongest .243 Win. The .243 is actually just a necked down .308, but .308 ammo is more common and comes in a much wider variety of bullet weights and styles. JSP, MV 2920 f.p.s. As mentioned there are plenty of options with the .243 too, and it is good to know you can go to pretty well any wal mart and get ammo. The.243 is actually just a necked down.308, but.308 ammo is more common and comes in a much wider variety of bullet weights and styles. Register Log In Home Forums Deer Hunting deer with a .243 vs. 30-06: Forums User List Calendar Active Threads Forum Help: Previous Thread: Next Thread : … ), SD .226, A = .0745 sq. #2 • Nov 29, 2008 The.243 is a fine deer caliber but a.308 would be a much better choice for the survivalist. Ultimately, this means that the Effective Killing Range (EKR) of the .243 Winchester on deer sized game is less than its maximum point blank range (MPBR). Here is the Closing Comment - Conclusion for the .243 Winchester, relating to boar, at the end of all of the posted research by the writer of Terminal Ballistics. Deer Hunting with 22-250 Cartridge A Field Test. Not to say they wouldn't have missed the same deer with 50 cals, but I personally shoot a .308 and it is awesome. Thus, the 100 yard KPS of this load is: This is merely an example, as KPS can be calculated for any range. Anyone who uses the .243 Winchester to hunt deer or similar game should use full power loads with 90 grain bullets at minimum; 95 to 100 grain bullets are better. Got two of them and getting ready to obtain the other. I realize that setting a KPS of 15 as a baseline power standard for the .30-30 load is a judgment call, but I am comfortable with it. Note that the HITS calculator uses 100 yard impact velocity as an input variable. ), BC .355; (SD x A) = (.242 x .0464) = .0112. I also own .270 and took allot of deer with it 150 gr?. then went to a lever action 30/30. The .243 was developed in 1955 as a dual purpose varmint-deer cartridge. It’s higher energy makes this caliber viable at long range, and more devastating up close. When macho hunters with their new 300 magnums finish missing their third deer due to flinching, they borrow the 243 … And the latest cartridge to push this 6mm bullet does the job quite well. 243 is excellent for deer as well as 22-250 and 223. Do you think the shot is ethical? We shoot 95 grain Hornady SST in factory superformance ammo. Monday morning out at the Range I was doing my final work up for my Deer Hunting load in my .243 AI. What Could Be Improved and Why They’re easy on the shoulder, allowing the shooter to accurately place his or her shots, yet have enough horsepower to dump a deer in its tracks. The second index is the Guns and Shooting Online Rifle Cartridge Killing Power Formula, which calculates the killing power of hunting loads using downrange impact energy, bullet sectional density and frontal area as the input variables. Loads generating 2960 f.p.s. Then about 20 years ago, I had a 7mm-08 built, and found the perfect deer rifle for my purposes. Even if you are getting a bolt action I would recommend it over the .243. lbs., BC .384. lbs., BC .403, Finally, I evaluated some 80 to 87 grain bullet loads and found that they either did not generate a minimum HITS score of 500 at 100 yards, or got EKRs of less than 150 yards. Thus, 180 yards is the Effective Killing Range of this load. for most loads, and trajectory is flat, both of which contribute to the .243's reputation for deadly practical accuracy.". (22 inch bbl. davidself1001. Many a deer has fallen to a .243/6mm diameter bullet throughout the years. Using bullet weight, diameter and 100 yard impact velocity as inputs, the online HITS calculator produces a numerical score for a given load, "643" in this case. the few I took with a .30 cal rifle went further than ANY I took with my .243 I never had one go more than 2 steps with the 243 that I can recall. Buy Online keeping the car safe transaction. Using deer and similar size game as an example, some popular cartridges, such as the .270 Winchester and .308 Winchester, are so powerful that there is no question that they will dependably fell Class 2 game out to their MPBR range or beyond. When comparing the .243 vs the .270, we are looking at two well-known and popular rounds that overlap in their shooting applications. You will get 308 Vs 243 Deer Rifle And 5lb 308 Rifle cheap price after look into the price. The .308 Winchester is such a good cartridge. I also noted the zero distance of the load. https://ssaa.org.au/.../hunting/hunting-with-a-.243-6mm-.240 At 150 yards the 95-grain .243 bullet is hauling 522 f-p more energy than the much heavier 30-30 slug. was designed as both a light deer rifle and a varmint cartridge—it can hold its own against high-velocity .22-calibers but still provide enough oomph to take down larger animals. classification system uses an online calculator to produce a numerical HITS score for rifle cartridge loads. in. (KPS = 15.0), HITS less than 500: Small game (50 pounds or less), HITS 500 - 900: Medium game (50 - 300 pounds), HITS 900 - 1500: Large game (300 - 1500 pounds), HITS greater than 1500: Big Five & dangerous game (any weight). The most powerful load I found is made by Doubletap and features a 100 grain Swift Scirocco II bullet at a MV of 3120 f.p.s. and ballistic coefficient (BC) of the bullet. Snapchat: buckcrek567Instagram: buckcreek567 The .243 is a fine deer caliber but a .308 would be a much better choice for the survivalist. I know both are quite capable for deer and black bears. More specifically, this will be used for hunters who not only will look for deer, but also hogs and bears to name a few. Two smallish deer calibers face off. These results indicate that bullets weighing less than 90 grains are not very useful for hunting deer with the .243 Winchester. Standard commercial load with 100 grain bullet. Speedy as it is, however, the .243 Winchester cannot drive small diameter, light weight bullets hard enough to keep pace with the terminal performance of larger bore short action cartridges, such as the .260 Remington, 7mm-08 Remington, or the .257 Roberts +P. Currently, it ranks sixth among the best selling cartridges in the USA, just behind the .270 Winchester and ahead of the 7mm Remington Magnum. how does the .243 work as a survival rifle? The 243 Win. Even though the cartridges share the same roots, there is a pretty big difference in the ballistics of each cartridge that reflects the different priorities wildcatters had when designing the .243 and 7mm-08. If you are searching for read reviews 308 Vs 243 Deer Rifle And 5lb 308 Rifle price. Bullet velocity is not neglected, because velocity is the most important factor in calculating kinetic energy. Based on experience and ballistic data analysis, I judge this to be roughly 175 yards for the traditional .30-30 cartridge loaded with a 150 grain flat-point bullet. The key result of this analysis is that the effective killing range of the .243 load above is 180 yards. This comparability can be applied not only to different loads for a particular cartridge, but also can be extended to comparisons of different cartridges. I don't mind the 243, 6mm and 240wby. IMO the 243 is a nice round, Got it for my kids to hunt deer and then I got rid of it I think max bullet weight was 90 gr. Is that by design? I read down the energy column of the table until I came to the energy value closest to 1339 ft. lbs. All rights reserved. In The .30-30 Winchester: Its Capabilities as a Deer Cartridge, I used the KPS index to determine the ranges to which various .30-30 loads could be considered to have effective killing power on deer and similar size game. You can set the point blank range out to 265 yards and 300 yards is an easy shot. Caution: Contains a kill shot on a deer. Both of my son's and my wife have taken a pile of deer with theirs. Forget about loads with bullets lighter than 90 grains, for they do not generate useful downrange killing … This is a .243 Ruger M77 with a tang safety, red recoil pad, and a Redfield 3x9. Bullet pretty much completely blows up. This hot load achieves an EKR of 275 yards, only 25 yards short of its 300 yard MPBR. 243- good round for deer. If you are going for a semi-auto rifle then you should definitely get a .308 because of the availability of surplus 7.62 NATO ammo. that includes mule deer and antelope. E-Tip BT, MV 3140 f.p.s. A Hornady load with 95 grain SST bullet gets an EKR of 205 yards, almost a hundred yards short of its MPBR. The KPS formula combines these variables in a direct, easy to calculate way. This load does not have the long range, dependable killing power on deer and similar game that its flat trajectory and MPBR might suggest. .270 vs .243 I noticed that the XP and cash for kills using the .270 are lower than the .243. It doesn’t get much press, but it has one undeniable strength—it just works. It also might be one of the most accurate of all rifle rounds at ranges under 200 yards. Ammo is very available. of energy at 100 yards. The point is that KPS and Effective Killing Range can be very useful tools for shooters who want to evaluate the killing performance of different cartridges and loads. I shot my biggest whitetail deer to date with a .243 Winchester in Texas—with, of all things, an 85-grain Federal Trophy Copper bullet—and have many friends who find it to be absolutely perfect for deer. JSP, MV 2920 f.p.s. The remaining lines of the data summary are key outputs of the ballistics analysis. Please note, the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufacturer, bullet weight, or jacketing type. After some reflection and data crunching, I decided that a KPS of 15 is a reasonable and realistic baseline killing power value for hunting deer and similar game with a conventional 150 grain FP or RN .30-30 load. If you searching to test 308 Vs 243 Deer Rifle And 5lb 308 Rifle price. BC .355. The 243 is a step away from varmint and towards deer. The 243 … (KPS = 15.0), Effective Killing Range (EKR) = 175 yds. Not sure for handloading, but in factory loads, the .243 has better performance in deer bullets than the .257 according to both winchester and remingtons sites John, and is considerably flatter shooting over longer distances. .243 hands down is the better choice. Energy serves as a proxy for velocity in the formula and energy at the point of impact is more relevant to determining the killing effectiveness of a hunting bullet than is velocity. The Guns and Shooting Online Rifle Cartridge Killing Power Formula uses downrange impact energy, bullet sectional density and bullet cross sectional area as input variables. The 6mm bore diameter has long been relied upon for double duty, serving the deer hunter and varmint/predator hunter equally well. Once I had established the KPS - EKR relationship for one load, I realized that I could use the KPS value of 15 as a baseline for determining the EKR of other .30-30 loads, which I did. Buy the youth model - will fit most women. This translates to an effective killing range of 175 to 180 yards. My oldest did take his first deer with a .223 because it was all we had. Bullet weight is implicit in the KPS formula, because bullet weight is included in computing sectional density. (The explanation of the indices is abbreviated here, but is more fully discussed in the Appendix, below.). (22 inch bbl.)

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