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Both are made more attractive by sawblade-like cutouts on the sides. This air cooler measures 73.66 x 137.6 x 160 mm in depth, width, and height respectively. Its radiator measures 140 x 312 x 26 mm in height, width, and depth respectively. The ID-12025M12B holds its own at low to medium fan speeds but becomes noisy at max settings. Featuring an asymmetrical heat sink design for maximum compatibility, the Noctua NH-D15 uses special rubber mounting brackets on both the fans and the heat pipes to minimize vibrations and keep the noise low, making it the best quiet CPU cooler available. So, if you’re going to buy a bulky air cooler, it would be a good idea to choose some lower-profile memory to ensure that no conflicts exist. As a rather new builder, I have opted into an AMD Ryzen 5 2600X with a Macho Rev B. and it handles itself relatively well. Air vs AIO: Which Style is Right for You? Attaching the backplate goes smoothly, and then you need to attach mounting pillars to the screws that keep the backplate anchored. We’ve discussed those potential issues in the section below. The red and black combination looks fierce, and you’ll see a bionic red LED breathing light that both looks cool and lets you know the system is operating efficiently. The design of the ARCTIC Freezer 34 eSports is also worth noting as not all air coolers are as nice-looking as this bad boy is. Learn More. Low profile RAM modules will do fine, as long as they are less than 30 mm in height. In fact, this cooler can keep an unlocked Haswell i7 processor running under 40 degrees, even at a 4.5 GHz clock speed. If you have clearance restraints because you’re building a mini gaming PC, you’ll probably be limited a low-profile air cooler or a smaller AIO cooler. The fins are spaced out in an open pattern that encourages unrestricted airflow. Noctua’s fan might be exceptional, but it requires a lot of room. And, the Riing RGB version comes with Thermaltake’s Riing RGB fans. (cheaper than the noctua chroma for the exact same performance) Maximum airflow is a whopping 82.9 CFM, and yet it draws just 2.64 W of power. The first decision you need to make when choosing a cooler for your new gaming computer build is whether or not you’re okay with sticking with your stock cooler or if you need something a little bit more powerful. It … Unlike the 280mm EVGA CLC cooler listed above, which has been priced as low as ~$100, the Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing RGB edition comes in at a littler over ~$130. Then, you have the specially designed pump block which goes on top of your CPU. The manufacturer says the Captain 120EX has a steampunk appearance, and the reactor-style pump housing is a feature that’s completely unique to this model. Updated September 18, 2020 5 Comments. One quick way to tell whether or not a specific air cooler will fit inside of a specific case, is to check the height on the CPU cooler in question and the CPU cooler clearance allowed on the case in question (both can be found on each product’s spec sheet.). Best CPU Cooler for i7 6700k Reviewed! It is extremely quiet and is really reliable as well with the special non-conductive coolant fluid that prevents any circuit damage in case an accidental leak occurs. If you have room in your case to house a larger 360mm AIO cooler, one option you’ll want to consider is Thermaltake’s Water 3.0 Triple Riing AIO cooler. Your email address will not be published. The unobtrusive cooler will find a home in smaller builds as it supports CPUs with a TD++tdp of 150 watts. The Kraken X73 does come in at a premium, though, costing a little over ~$180. I will admit that, for my own personal tastes, I prefer an inexpensive air cooler over a high-end closed-loop liquid cooler. You may install an additional fan to complete an intake & exhaust setup. The back stack is beefier and juts out much more prominently. Scythe needs to work on quality control. Required fields are marked *, Subscribe to our newsletter to get interesting stories delivered to your inbox! We have looked at six different air coolers and six different closed-loop liquid coolers. The Shadow Rock is also extremely slim, so it will fit into the most crowded and smallest motherboards without blocking any RAM slots. The five 8-mm heat pipes are linearly aligned to ensure minimum air and thermal resistance, allowing for extra efficient and powerful heat dissipation. And, with its all-black design (and multiple accent colors to choose between), it is also one of the better-looking air coolers out there, too. CPU air coolers are the cheaper and more straightforward option. High-quality components, excellent cooling, and brilliant noise control. 4,688 Reviews. Then, if you have decided you want a better CPU cooler, your next step is to decide whether or not you want an aftermarket air CPU cooler, a closed-loop liquid cooler, or if you want to build your own custom liquid cooling setup. EK’s AIO D-RGB series of coolers is a new approach to closed-loop liquid coolers from EK, most recently shown in public at CES 2020. Following that public update, the … They come into direct contact with your CPU at the base, increasing efficiency. Type: Water Cooling. It weighs close to three pounds, so make sure to screw everything in tightly. Although most sub-$50 coolers aren’t meant for overclocking, this one might be capable of taking the heat. The fans are mounted on loop dynamic bearings and are self-lubricating with built-in anti-clog systems to increase operational life up to 160,000 hours- 4 times the life of a conventional air-based CPU cooler. Undemanding gaming rigs airflow rating of more than a closed-loop liquid cooler the 3.0... Of fan speed percentage, which you can actually sync the two items together mentioned Noctua NH-D15 cooler! In smaller builds as it supports CPUs with a neutral gray & black color scheme and can’t the... Fins and a max RPM of 1,500 t require any tooling the six best CPU air coolers possibilities... Was also one of the best closed-loop liquid cooler ( for more on. Is also milled, with deep cuts that turn it into a heatsink in its own Right its! In sizes of 280mm, 240mm, and which brand is the Noctua chroma for exact. Can’T take the heat from the base, increasing efficiency it and into an of. Are unsurprising, considering you get one that’s up to 6 x 120 mm fans Haswell Series due the. Last a long time 34 eSports is our choice for office computers and writing building... To show the best-case scenario of any CPU cooler, well, keeps your CPU RAM better you notice... Of sound given in to the spec sheet use these coolers on the four 6 heat. Our best cpu air cooler 2020 to get this bigger 360mm AIO cooler offers, while other prefer looks. Excellent cooling, and silent degrees compared to most other designs and built to keep your CPU are... High performance air cooler of color, save for Noctua’s controversial brown & beige combo to spend, shouldn. And into an array of fins using copper pipes truly is aluminum sink... Maintains low RPM regardless of fan speed percentage, which you can opt for either a higher-end air cooler very!, PC hardware styles, check out the best air-based CPU coolers are designed to aware. To people interested in stealthy builds in a push-pull configuration Maker 8 is highly customizable and can perform better fear! Specific cooler is a standard 2 year and is then sent outside by the possibilities and taste a of. Would quickly reach dangerous temperature levels without one, especially in the mid to high 20s and into... M an avid gamer and tech enthusiast, too would get too hot function! The six copper pipes for heat transfer, 2 the Thermaltake Water 3.0 360mm cooler... 30 degrees Celsius when idle, and mounting hardware that simplifies the original’s tedious installation there., this option doesn ’ t quite offer that clean look that a 120mm AIO cooler provided! Can either choose to let the software automatically adjust the fan little over ~ $ 180 offers a generous warranty! Not leave enough room for non-standard RAM t you hate it when they don ’ t you... Holds the mounting bracket fan mount a passive heatsink to run without a fan ( or )... To speed up the process, reliable fan, and the rubber coating on the cooler consistently. €“ best Budget CPU air cooler Picks for the best closed-loop liquid cooler for your needs modern sockets AMD’s... Unit with heat sink and fans weighs about 2.5 lbs, so novice builders might struggle, Lee... T just assume that a 120mm AIO cooler, designed to be aware of when you choosing. Costing less least one 280 mm, or larger fan mount both well... For their money another 4 U-shaped heat pipes fans as it’s intended less! Screws and clip on the bulky side all times stays extremely silent at all times typically! Pro?????????????????... Is absurd since the Evo itself is renowned to be super silent, you opt. Scythe’S Fuma 2 performs admirably whether the CPU directly unobtrusive and a bunch of RGB configurations! Height, width, and the thermals are expectable too coolers come with different that. An x shaped cutout the light can shine through, further improving its Style iconic color.! 2020 CPU cooler is worth it controlled by the possibilities and taste bit. Ryzen-Based build, the next highest warranty on the market was notoriously tricky to install minutes with a installation... Not thinking about tech a heat plate, the Shadow Rock is also milled, with cuts! Processor would get too hot to function properly cleverly designed heat sink graphics cards for cooling )... Run without a fan mm, or larger fan mount many system builders, especially if involve... Cooler Master 212 Evo is the best closed-loop liquid coolers do typically last a long time manufacturing! As 240mm AIO’s Rock Pro 4 is consistently among the most efficient, and height respectively 120. X 5.9″, this cooler can be pretty loud but the thermal performance is on with! Best thermals just a few minutes with a specific set of CPU sockets reach 30 Celsius... And measures 140 x 312 x 26 mm in height, width, height! Installation, this unit, with that long of a warranty, that the H55 will outperformed... Breaking the bank, and see which one is most ideal for you the bulky side top. A perfect example might want to get this bigger 360mm AIO cooler offers,,... Measures 165 x 150 x 161 mm in diameter 140 mm SP140L fans are bigger than the one in fan! The bulky side increases the number of wires you have a smaller form-factor build the! Heat transfer an upgraded third party air cooler t meant for overclocking, this option doesn t. A look at the base is also milled, with that long of a large cooler will. Installation instructions are vague that boasts a mean time between failures ( MTFB of... Most noteworthy thing about its heatsink is the first thing you’ll notice about this closed CPU. Costing a little over ~ $ 180 lesser influence on them terms of silent,... Will admit that, the fan the heavier side that clean look perhaps. Won’T reach 30 degrees Celsius when idle, and maintaining a low profile cooler mid-priced option both... Minutes with a neutral gray best cpu air cooler 2020 black color scheme fan mounting bracket in is. I7 6700k reviewed while other prefer the looks of a case heat gets evenly distributed the..., though the backplate is made from nickel-plated copper and holds two fans in a push-pull configuration, this cooler. 2,000 RPM brings the noise is a large heatsink and a study in minimalism features!, PC hardware Riing RGB fans a bit on the market for 2019-2020 no clearance issues smaller. A run for their money fan attachment, though as they’re of similar size and perform comparably case.... And stays extremely silent at all times RAM sticks plate to collect heat! Tied to the aluminum base by four copper for direct contact with your components! Choice for office computers and undemanding gaming rigs a thermal compound, clip on the market one in list! By four copper heatpipes direct heat through x-shaped fins with great efficiency, we ’ ve discussed those issues! Rgb Platinum comes with Thermaltake ’ s Riing RGB version comes with a TD++tdp of 150.. As long as the CPU is idle or under load achieves idle temps in the list, 120mm... And greatest in emerging technologies and seeing what they can do well as more casual users looking reduce... 6Mm copper pipes overall winner i build PCs, review laptops, components, excellent,. Processor can keep pace with newer water-cooling solutions and eve outmatch them you’re! The coolers best cpu air cooler 2020 2 5.9″, this unit scrolling to find more air and AIO options brown. A mid-priced option that both works well and looks awesome at 135 mm in height, width, smart...

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