how to extract unique values based on criteria in excel

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Hi, to stop the first value repeating as you drag down you must COUNTIF the cell ABOVE the cell you're putting the formula in. In the example shown, the formula in D5 is: = UNIQUE(FILTER( B5:B16, C5:C16 = E4 )) which returns the 5 unique values in group A, as seen in E5:E9. This works really well, but whenever the value that it is putting in is duplicated, it only places the value once. I am using the two conditions formula =IFERROR(INDEX($C$2:$C$11, MATCH(0, COUNTIF(G1:$G$1, $C$2:$C$11)+IF($A$2:$A$11<>$E$2, 1, 0)+IF($B$2:$B$11<>$F$2, 1, 0), 0)), "") to extract a unique list and it works great, but I am struggle to add the SMALL function to get the list sorted as well in ascending order. Hello Gon, I hope you are well. (eg. This replaces the complicated Ctrl+Shift+Enter function in Excel. Find answers to Excel - Extract Unique Values Based On Criteria with a Use Column from the expert community at Experts Exchange In this short article, I will show using Excel how you can get data from another worksheet based on a cell value. actually I want the cell to reflect "YES" if (AL2="AP" and AK2="AD" and Z2>500000), =IF(AL2="AP","AP",IF(AK2="AD","AD",IF(Z2>500000,"Yes","No"))) I want "all conditions" to be satisfied to say yes...excel reflecting error in this formula..pls advise. For example, if your list had two Lucy's in it, it only brings one Lucy over to the new table. Excel has no option to filter on the first N items. How would I get this formula to return each of the duplicates instead of one of each of the names? Thank you! This is in response to a question I had on previous posts, which I'll list below, where I used only a single criteria. For instance, in the example above, how would I get the results column (B:B) to return Lucy, Ruby, Anny, Jose, Lucy, Anny, Tom? I have made sure that COUNTIF references the cell ABOVE the cell with the formula, but still repeats the first value when dragging down? to extract unique values based on multiple criteria, any of the below formula can help you: (after pasting the formula, please press Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys together.) Archived. The UNIQUE function removes duplicates from the filtered list. Microsoft and the Office logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Based on the way this code works, there isn’t a way to modify it to do that. if the array formula is in C2 then COUNTIF points to cell $C$1:$C$1). Prepare Your Excel Workbook with Data This tutorial includes a step-by-step example that shows how to create a lookup formula that uses multiple criteria to find a supplier of titanium widgets in a sample database. @Punnam: Your solution is simple and quick - yet, in this case I wanted all brands that fit the given conditions and if I input your formula and then draw it towards the bottom, it only gives me UB, where I needed UB first and then KP in the next and then empty cells after that. First, please select the data range that you want to use, and click Data > Filter, and click the arrow button besides the cell that you want to filter the data based on a specific criterion, in the expanded list box, select the criterion that you want to filter out, see screenshot: 2. In this Excel tutorial from ExcelIsFun, the 186th installment in their series of Excel magic tricks, you'll see how to extract records that meet two conditions (criteria) and list them in order with no extra rows between records as well as how to create a formula to extract part of a table from a larger table based on two criteria. About how easy it is to copy / paste formulas without understanding how they work?How easy is it to copy / paste answers like these?Very easy.And how much power does doing that have?Very little.Don’t you want to harness the power of building complex formulas? Here is the formula that it will extract the unique distinct product name list based on month value: = INDEX ($B$2:$B$6, MATCH (0, IF ($D$2=$A$2:$A$6, COUNTIF ($E$1:$E1, $B$2:$B$6), ""), 0)) Type this formula into Cell E2, and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys to change it as Array formula. In this tutorial we are going to use an array formula to extract a dynamic list from a data set based on multiple criteria. Create a unique distinct alphabetically sorted list The array formula in cell D3 extracts unique distinct values sorted A to Z, from column B to column D. […] Extract a unique distinct list and sum amounts based on a condition Anura asks: Is it possible to … Then click OK, the desired data has been filtered out, and select the values in column B that you want to extract the unique names from, then click Kutools > Select > Select Duplicate & Unique Cells, see screenshot: 3. 50%, and reduces hundreds of mouse clicks for you every day. How could I … Here's the generic version of the filtered unique values formula: Get a list of unique values based on criteria. A verification code will be sent to you. In today’s post, I’d like to share with you 6 different methods to count unique values and use these methods according to the type of values … (eg. This function can be used to count the different kinds of cells with number, date, text values, blank, non-blanks, or containing specific characters.etc.= COUNTIF (range, criteria)… Scenario. Re: Extract Unique Text Values based on Multiple Criteria Thank you gentlemen for replying so quickly. Any suggestions? Condition : The criteria on which you want to get unique values.. Steps to extract unique values using Advanced Filter. Home » Advanced Excel » 7 Ways to lookup a value based on multiple criteria or conditions in Excel. Information in this article applies to Excel for Microsoft 365, Excel 2019, Excel 2016, Excel 2013, Excel 2010, and Excel for Mac. Kutools for Excel Solves Most of Your Problems, and Increases Your Productivity by Hello, I am getting "#N/A" error at "Match function", can you please guide? How could you deal with this task in Excel quickly and easily? Thanks for the help! What is the reason it does not work? I am getting #N/A error at Match function with this formula.Can you please help? However, several of the amounts and transaction descriptions are duplicates in the general ledger. Extract all rows from a range that meet criteria in one column [Excel defined Table] The image above shows a dataset converted to an Excel defined Table, a number filter has been applied to the third column in the table. You can filter the data by a specific criterion firstly, and then apply the Select Duplicates & Unique Cells feature of Kutools for Excel to select the unique values and then paste them to other cells you need. 7 Ways to lookup a value based on multiple criteria or conditions in Excel Deepanshu Bhalla 1 Comment Advanced Excel. Select a cell in the dataset. Now this range A2:A16 can increase too, so I want my formula to fetch any new customer name from list, whenever list increases. I have a data set which has the following data in a table (after each hyphen is a new column but same row): Hi! Hi everyone, I've used the below formula to pull unique values based on one specific identifier and it works well. 0. To extract a list of unique items that appear just once in the source data, you can use a formula like this: = LOOKUP(2,1 / ( (COUNTIF( $D$4:D4, list) = 0) * (COUNTIF( list, list) = 1)), list) The only addition is the second COUNTIF expression: COUNTIF( list, list) = 1. Instead, there is a set of functions that can extract a data table from a larger data set based on specific criteria that you set. Example: Here I have this data of names. Ok, so it works in the master workbook. Waiting on OP. You can use an Excel array formula based on the INDEX function, the MATCH function, the IF function, and the COUNTIF function to achieve the result. This has worked great for me with a specific lookup value. Hi all, Can some help me to get all unique values on one single cell. Here are the instructions to create an Excel Table and filter values in column 3. How do I prevent this? if the array formula is in C2 then COUNTIF points to cell $C$1:$C$1), Probably doesn`t work cause you´ve locked the cells - Try to replace $C$1:$C$1 with $C$1:$C1. What causes this problem, and which term in the formula fixes it? Cell D2 contain one criteria that you want to use. And you want to extract a unique product list from this range and return non-duplicates that are unique based on the month value. 1 year ago. If you get the #N/A error, go to your formula and use Control + Shift + Enter instead of Enter. u/lupulin59. Formulas works great, however when dragging down the first value keeps repeating. For example, you want to extract a product name list based on Jan month. 4 Easy steps using the Advanced Filter to extract unique values in Excel. Just dragging down 15 cells in a column takes about 15min to calculate... if not longer. I'm using this as a budget tool pulling to specific account summaries from a general ledger. To solve this job, you can apply a complex array formula, please do as follows: 1. Amazing! To extract unique values with condition, use the Excel UNIQUE and FILTER functions together: The FILTER function limits the data only to values that meet the condition. 1. I wonder if you can to resolve this issue. Suppose you have data for students' first names with their sections and final scores. A2:A6 is a range that contain criteria you want to base on. I will appreciate share the solution if you got it. However, if I wanted to use a wildcard to look up partial values, how would I do that? ). Hi, this worked well! How To Extract A Dynamic List From A Data Range Based On A Criteria Without Filters In Excel. When using this formula it keeps repeating the first value, how do you make that stop and provide the list of values that equals the product in D2? Enter this formula: =INDEX($B$2:$B$17, MATCH(0, IF($D$2=$A$2:$A$17, COUNTIF($E$1:$E1, $B$2:$B$17), ""), 0)) into a blank cell where you want to list the extracting result, in this example, I will put it to cell E2, and then press Shift + Ctrl + Enter keys to get the first unique value, see screenshot: Note: In the above formula: B2:B17 is the column range contains the unique values that you want to extract from, A2:A17 is the column contains the criterion you based on, D2 indicates the criterion that you want to list the unique values based on, and E1 is the cell above your entered formula. I press ctrl shift enter and i still get an error N/A. Hi, thanks for this tutorial, it works perfectly. Download and free trial Now! This is really helpful, however, what If I want a formula that lists the unique values based on multiple criteria. Hi. Along with this feature came functions SORT, UNIQUE and FILTER (among others), which allow you to solve problems like the one posed. Increases your productivity by For me the formula does not work. Please take a look at my data.What I wanna do is make a dynamic chart with name and number columns based on my selection of a certain day from a drop-down list.. the formula works really well. Can you please advise? eg. Extract unique values based on criteria Kutools for Excel If you are not skilled with the complicated formula, here, I will talk about an easy way to solve it without any formulas. I will pull data using two ways: Using Index and Match function combo and using VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP Excel function. I am getting 0 instead of the expected results, the formula is doing great for data in the same sheet, do you have any solution for data in different sheet ? If you added a column to your data that was an index for each unique item in that field, you could add a criteria filter on the index >= 25. The issue that keeps repeating is that sometimes only the first matched value will return and is then duplicated when I am dragging down to return all matched values. To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished. When the filter conditions change often, Excel’s filters fall short. 1. I'm able to duplicate the results in the test sheet, make changes to the array, and then correct the formula to account for the changes I've made. It is an array formula, use CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER. I have made sure that COUNTIF references the cell ABOVE the cell with the formula, but still repeats the first value when dragging down? Now in column E, I want to get unique values only from customers. @ScottCraner , The code dosen't works, the problem is CriteriaRange:=, it dosen't extract unique value based on this criteria – SuperMan Apr 3 '19 at 14:53. add a comment | 3 Answers Active Oldest Votes. How can I extract unique values based on a range of criteria? Is this normal? The function COUNTIF() can be used: COUNTIF(range, criteria) range – D8:D17; criteria – the count should include the all the cells that contain anything. Thanks for this I have tried this and seems to be working fine intermittently. So far so good. Find answers to Extract Unique Based on Criteria in Another Column in Excel from the expert community at Experts Exchange ... Can someone please help with a formula to extract distinct values based on criteria in another column? Then I need a formula that will store the value of B2, B9, B16 or {Lucy, Lily, Tom} in an array which I can define as a name range and create a chart with. Extracting Unique Values Excel Example. I want to extract unique values where the data in the name column is not blank. This post will guide you how to extract unique values in a range based on one criteria with a formula in Excel. There is one exception that I haven't been able to determine the cause of: If the array (in my case, the general ledger that I had beginning in row 3) does not begin in Row 1, the returned values are incorrect. This tutorial will show you how to list values from a table based on filter criteria using sub-arrays and the SMALL function. How do I create a unique distinct list based on one condition in Excel.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'excelhow_net-box-3','ezslot_14',118,'0','0'])); Assuming that you have a list of data in range A1:C6, in which contain price data for each product. Jul 4, 2016 Edwin Chuza. To extract a list of unique values from a set of data, while applying one or more logical criteria, you can use the UNIQUE function together with the FILTER function. Using the array formula in "How to get distinct values in Excel (unique + 1st duplicate occurrences)", due to the expanding list part of the formula, if a dimension in a name has been matched before in a previous name it won't list it again, that is to say, for the name "Sur", 0.80 will list as a unique value, however for the Name "Canto", 0.80 won't list since it was already listed on "Sur". Remember what we discussed in the intro? Waiting on OP. Ask Question Asked 8 years ago. Suppose I choose "Sun" as the day. In the Select Duplicate & Unique Cells dialog box, select All unique (Including 1 st duplicates) under the Rule section, see screenshot: 4. After installing Kutools for Excel, please do as follows:( Download Kutools for Excel Now! It depends that which type of values you have so that you can use the best method for it. A B ===== a FALSE b FALSE c TRUE a TRUE b FALSE c TRUE Should result in a list. I would like to add that i prpared exaclty the same data as in tutorial. If this becomes dynamic it will take a hell of alot of computing time. Posted by. Then drag the fill handle down to the cells to list all unique values based on the specific criterion, see screenshot: If you are not skilled with the complicated formula, here, I will talk about an easy way to solve it without any formulas. this was super helpful, but I keep getting doubles of all the names like this: Hi Ryan. Copy unique list based on criteria in another column vba excel. The new UNIQUE function in Excel will extract the unique values from an array. I plan to move this into the master sheet today and see how it works. For example, if I wanted to lookup all the names associated with KT? Two students can have a similar first name in different sections. |     Privacy Policy   |   Term Of Service   |   RSS, How to Calculate Number of Weekends between Two Dates in Excel, How to Insert Blank Row based on Cell Value in Excel, How to Count Row That Contain Specific Value in Excel, How to Sum if Cell Contains Text in Another Column, How to Count Occurrences in Entire Workbook in Excel, How to Count Numbers Nth Digit Equals to Specific Number in Excel, How to Count Numbers that begin with Specific Value  in Excel, How to Count Number by Range with COUNTIFS Function in Excel, How to Count Matches between Two Columns in Excel, How to Sum Data if Between Two Numbers in Excel, How to Sum Data if Begins with/End with/Contains in Excel. Once you have received the verification code, you will be able to choose a new password for your account. The generic formula for pulling values from another worksheet looks like: =VLOOKUP(lookup_value, ’sheet_name’!range, col_index_num, range_lookup) The parameters of the VLOOKUP function are: 1. lookup_value– a value that we want to find in another worksheet 2. Viewed 6k times 1. I am getting same error when formula come from different sheet. Thank you for this tutorial! eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'excelhow_net-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',132,'0','0'])); You would notice that the unique product name list is extracted in column E. Note: the range B2:B6 is a range that contains the unique product name list that you want to extract. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have thousands of duplicate values in a column? Is there a way to fix this? Extract unique values based on criteria with array formula, Extract unique values based on criteria Kutools for Excel. For instance, I want all instances of Lucy to be listed in the results. Supposing, you have the following data range that you want to list only the unique names of column B based on a specific criterion of column A to get the result as below screenshot shown. 80%, Convert Between Cells Content and Comments, Office Tab Brings Tabbed interface to Office, and Make Your Work Much Easier. [height] – The height of the range or the number of rows. Using Efficient Tabs in Excel Like Chrome, Firefox and Safari! Formulas works great, however when dragging down the first value keeps repeating. ©  Copyright  2017 - 2020 Excel How  All Rights Reserved. The drag the AutoFill handle until you get the #N/A value. Then click Ok button, all unique values have been selected, and then please copy the values and paste them into the cell that you want to list the result, see screenshot: Download and free trial Kutools for Excel Now ! Press CTRL + T for this example, I'd like to see only things above a certain threshold). This should accomplish what you are trying to do; see comments in the code. The Excel COUNTIF function will count the number of cells in a range that meet a given criteria. Go to Data tab in the menu; In Sort and Filter box, Click Advanced button ; Choose "Copy to another location" In "List range :" box, select a range from which unique values need to be extracted (including header) In "Copy to :" box, select a range in which final output to be put; Check Unique records only I'm also trying to modify the formula, like the above commentator, but with an AND condition so it meets another conditional criteria (e.g.

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